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The Renaissance Scroll

Hand-made box for Renaissance calligraphed scroll

This commission was another great collaboration with John Stevens.  We only had roughly a month to design and complete this project.  Although we’ve become adept at handling clients who procrastinate, this was not our only challenge.  The client wanted a scroll; something with which John and I had little experience.  This required visiting a library and opening books rather than simply watching a YouTube video.  We actually prefer libraries!
The scroll was written out completely by hand as were similar scrolls of centuries past.  Being delicate, we wanted the scroll to sit securely in the box, yet be easy to remove and handle.  The design for the box was inspired by my love of both Asian design and the work of Greene and Greene.
John’s wife and fellow calligrapher/book artist Takako Takigawa was invaluable for details such as text for the carved slate inscription on the lid, the mechanics of the scroll and the symbolism of the acorn finial.
Materials:  Mahogany, Ebony, Douglas Fir, Slate, Paper, 23k Gold Leaf and Shellac

Scroll-1 martin-scroll