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Letter Carving

Carved Lettering has enjoyed a long and rich history, both as information and as decoration in it’s own right. The tradition of incised lettering is still in heavy use in Europe where one can find beautiful examples in churches, public buildings, Goverment Offices and Shoppes. Sadly in America, what is most widely used is sandblasting stencil type letters into a surface which does no justice to this ancient art. Because of the intrinsic beauty of classical letterforms, and their sensual / tactile surface qualities, we think we will have more converts to this sculptural point of view in the near future.

Carved lettering can stand by itself in the form of a wall plaque or sculpture, or it can be incorporated into furniture, architectural woodwork, musical instruments, signage. In matters of lettering and design I often collaborate with well-known calligrapher John Stevens.
Click here for more info on calligraphy. Machines can cut letters, but cannot achieve the living quality of a hand cut letter.



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