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Custom Furniture

When you commission work from me you get an object that fits you. If you wish, you have the option of supplying the design, size, style, color or purpose. Most of the furniture I build is for people who want something that is unusual or serves a special purpose. In addition to the example shown here, others might be: chairs built for unmatched comfort during a long after-dinner conversation; a table or chest of drawers to fit a that odd corner of your home, or, a copy of something historic that is locked away in a museum collection. (Reproduction Note: On all historic copies or finish reporductions, we provide some identifiable mark or clue so that the new work cannot be fraudulently passed off as original.)

I use the finest materials possible when building and finishing a custom made piece of furniture or wooden artifact. All surfaces are smooth and of presentation quality. Sometimes the inside of a piece can be as important as the outside. Because of my experience in furniture conservation, I know that no piece is invulnerable to damage. A wooden object, or anything for that matter, does not survive a millenium simply because it is built solidly. It must be built so that it is easy to repair.

Other Wooden Objects
My skills go beyond furniture construction. I have been commsioned to build:
Religious objects, funerary objects, humidors for cigars and tobacco, walking canes?
The only limits to what I can build are what you are able to imagine and are willing to spend.

aAltar_tablemockup lacewood-2OBrien-Sideboard-Three-Quarter table-aids diningtable chestdrawers